My practice revolves around experience based knowledge, practical intelligence and body-to-body communication. I am interested in the potential identification that emerges by engaging in collective activities or by sharing a common experience, but also in the implications of socio-economic politics, and cultural understandings of socially oriented knowledge. The amateur, or the autodidact represents positions within the knowledge hierarchy that I find interesting to approach within my practice. I'm in particular interested in the experimental qualities of DIY-experiences and the free-school ethos. Another position that I find relevant to think of in relation to my work is the Spec-Actor, as defined in the teachings and methods of theatre director Augusto Boal. What position do you hold as an artist and where does your work position the audience?

My work so far, has often emphasized the ritualistic qualities of the different social actions; sometimes as improvised experiments or collaborative situations others enacted ideas or scripts. It often involves experimental and alternative methods such as communal dreaming, group hypnosis and physical improvisation. As a response to the slight shift of focus of my work from the ritualistic communal actions towards any experiential learning situation, I'd like to think of the artistic initiative or proposal as well as the attempt as the work of art itself. In this sense the thoughts and work of Lygia Clark are of great influence to me. I am also equally inspired by the experiential, practical and collaborative qualities of the anthropological research strategy Participant Observation as I am by various irrational collective endeavours and playful methods proposed by the Surrealist movement. Alongside my individual practice I have been running a studio collective in Stockholm since 2010, together with a number of other artists. Together we also run a Project Space, where members as well as non-members have initiated various public interventions.

My focus is presently on preparing a long-term participatory experiment based on the model for Practical Intelligence; Action – Perception – Feedback. The theory of Anthropologist Mary Douglas; The body as a symbol for social relations, is a theoretical reference, as well as the writings of Scherper-Hughes & Lock and James Turner. Scherper- Lock's paper The Mindful Body, defines three levels of perceiving the body, i.e. Phenomenological Body, the Social Body and the Political Body (Body Politic). I'd like to think of my practice as an artistic equivalence to this theory of levels, exploring various symbols of social relations by means of the body.





Lives and works in Stockholm, Sweden.
2013 Introduction to Artistic Research, Postgraduate course, Konstfack, Stockholm.
2012 Contemporary Cultural Theory and Political Philosophy, Postgraduate course Södertörns Högskola.
2007 MFA, Konstfack, University College of Arts Crafts and Design, Stockholm.
2005 BFA, Konstfack, University Collage of Arts Crafts and Design, Stockholm.
1994-97 Art History, Human Ecology, Biology, Chemistry, University of Gothenburg.
Exhibitions and Screenings
2013 Mitt Emellan, group show at Finlandsinstitutet, Stockholm.
2011 Site Sensitive Acts, group show at Galleri Mejan, Stockholm.
2011 Float All in Windows, group show at Slakthusateljéerna, Stockholm.
2010 The Institute of Surrealist Ethnography, group show, happening by Beyond Former Heaven. The Other Gallery, Banff, Canada.
2009 Perfect Performance Festival, individual (one-night-each) screening, 7 works by 7 artists at Clarion Hotel, Stockholm.
2009 Sublime Zero, an ambulating video screening program (ZeroFilme #1) and a publication, produced by curator Sara Rocio. Lissabon, Branca, Portugal and Rom, Italy.
2009 Saturday Night Earth Fever, performance- music festival produced by Shiva Anoushirvani and Klimataktion, Theater Replica, Stockholm.
2007 Vårutställningen 2007, degree show (MFA) Vita havet, Konstfack, Stockholm.
2007 Animotion, a 3-day animation film festival produced by Animotion, Theater Sture, Stockholm.
2005 Pell Mell, Group show at Vita Havet, Konstfack, Stockholm.
2005 Juggling 7 holding 38, Skulpturens Hus, Stockholm.
2005 Vårutställningen 2005, degree show (BFA), Tellusgången, Stockholm.
2005 Vårsalongen Formbart, Liljevalchs Konsthall, Stockholm, Sweden.
2005 Kaskelot Kulturfestival, music and art festival, by Kaskelot Kulturförening, Tantogården, Stockholm.
2005 Feminist Festival produced by Bang and Femkul, Mondo, Stockholm.
2004 Från Plats Till Plats, exhibition in the public space at and around Telefonplan, (a suburb to) Stockholm.
2004 Animotion, produced by CRAC, Cinemateket, Stockholm.
2004 Hår & Systerskap, feminist event produced by Victoria Brännström, Malin Arnell/High Heels Sisters, Konstakuten, Stockholm.
2004 Photography, Galleri Lång Island, Stockholm.
2003 Photography, GFU Graduation Show, Galleri Hagman, Stockholm.
Performance and Public Interventions
2013 The Bureau of (Extraordinary) Mind Travel, Part II; Sensory Wonder Walk at Finlandsinstitutet, Stockholm
2012 Life In The Woods, public presentation and screening. In collaboration with artists Olivia Plender and Patrick Staff, Slakthusateljeérna, Stockholm
2012 Perform Word, performance intervention, at Slathusateljéerna, Stockholm.
2011Site Sensitive Acts, performance in collaboration with Hiroko Tuschimoto, Galleri Mejan, Stockholm.
2010The Bureau of (Extraordinary) Mind Travel, hypnosis intervention, simultaneously broadcasted on the Banff Centre local radio station, the Banff Centre, Banff, Canada.
2010 Stringship, performance and installation with Tania Ursomarzo and Danielle Greer, Banff National Park, Canada.
Residencies, Workshops
2013 Summer Session; The Walking Seminar, Beta-Local, Puerto Rico
2011Butoh Workshop held at the SUEN Butoh Company, Almunge, Sweden
2011Life In The Woods, directed by Olivia Plender, Patrick Staff, commissioned by RADAR, Loughborough University, UK.
2010 Beyond Former Heaven (The Institute of Surrealist Ethnography), directed by Olivia Plender, the Banff Centre, Canada
2008 Ung-Kultur-dagarna, workshop, Stop-motion animation, Riksteatern, Stockholm.
2015 Swedish Arts Grants Comitté, 2 year working grant
2014 Längmanska Kulturfonden.
2011 Swedish Arts Grants Comitté and IASPIS, International Cultural Exchange Grant
2011 Helge Ax:on Johnssons stipendiestiftelse, project grant
2010 Swedish Arts Grants Comitté, a 1-year working grant
2007 Stiftelsen August Rignérs Stipendiefond, travel grant
2007 Konstfacks Samlade Fonder, MFA-degree grant
2006 Fabrikör J L Eklunds Hantverksstiftelse
2006 Kjellbergska Flickskolans Donationsfond
2005 Fabrikör J L Eklunds Hantverksstiftelse
2005 Kjellbergska Flickskolans Donationsfond
2004 Kungliga och Hvitfeldtska Stiftelsen
2010- Initiated an artist run studio collective, Slakthusateljéerna in Stockholm together with other Artists, (
2009 Animation assignment by Rewir. Animator of three short films for the 2010 Majblomman campaign ‘A real friend’. Majblomman is a Swedish ideal organisation working with children’s rights since 1907
2008 Music video production for the Swedish band Antennas, in collaboration with photographer Johannes Helje. Stockholm
2007 Production assistant in a German film production by Network Movie, Film und
Fernseheproduktion GmbH & Co. KG. Gotland, Sweden
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