Beyond Former Heaven (Part One; Physical)

A collaborative work by Beyonde Former Heaven*
HD video 16:9
6:10 min

In the summer of 2010 I joined a residency, Beyond Former Heaven (or the Institute of Surrealist Ethnography,) directed by Olivia Plender, at the Banff Centre. It was an ongoing collaborative workshop, with references to early 1900s Utopian Communities, such as Monte Verità, and to the Free-school ideology, that approached alternative ways of knowledge production.

The group consisted of eighteen artists, all engaged in initiating and participating in various collective endeavors and exercises in communal living. By using a broad set of methods, contemporary as well as once borrowed from historical sources, we created an ongoing narrative emphasizing the importance of play. The outcome of our common research is documented in a collective authored film material, free to use by any of the group members.

As The Institute of Surrealist Ethnography we; collected our dreams in a common archive, made field trips, organized a Mass Observation Day by inviting locals in the making an ethnography of ourselves, arranged readings in open air, made an interview with the town mayor, played games by Augusto Boal, had morning coffee at the top the nearby Mountain, practiced Contact Improv, visited the Masonic Lodge and local museums, delved into the mind - or Psychic Commune - by means of astral projections and hypnosis, went canoeing, observed coincidences of the day and compiled it all in a weekly Beyond Former Heaven Occasional.

Beyond Former Heaven (Part One; Physical) sum up our physical approach to knowledge production and present one possible version of what artistic research could be. The Video is a collaborative edit.


Images below; installed at Float All In Window at Slakthusateljéerna, 2011, and film stills.

Watch video on here
© Beyond Former Heaven*

* BFH is; Lisa Visser, Richard Ibghy, Marilou Lemmens, Rodrigo Marti, Robin Simpson, Juliane Zelwies, Johan Lundh, Olivia Plender, Aileen Burns, Laurita Siles Ceballos, Roy Caussy, Patrick Staff, Sofia Törnblad, Bronwen Moen, Antoni Wojtyra, Jacqueline Hoang Nguyen, Candice Lin, Denver Lynxleg.

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