Beyond Former Heaven (or the Institute of Surrealist Ethnography); Dreamscapes and Other Narratives

edited by Sofia Törnblad
HD video 16:9
12 min

This is a second video based on the same collective authored film material created by Beyond Former Heaven. In this video I have processed parts of our material to emphasize and play with the narrative outcome of our communal endeavors. It is in particular our common dream archive that is the source of a surrealistic, dreamlike, narrative. The dream fragments are framed by sequences of the video material, as well as a remix of audio-physical improvisation practices. I was interested me in making a video using the method of the Exquisite Corpse, used frequently by the surrealist movement and also by our group. The layered structure of the video can be thought of as a parallel to the changing rhythm of the group dynamics. Or as an audio-visual expression of the Psychic Commune that continuously deepened as our daily activities proceeded.


Images below; video stills and installed at Site Sensitive Acts, Galleri Mejan 2011

You can watch video on here
© Sofia Törnblad and Beyond Former Heaven*
* BFH är; Lisa Visser, Richard Ibghy, Marilou Lemmens, Rodrigo Marti, Robin Simpson, Juliane Zelwies, Johan Lundh, Olivia Plender, Aileen Burns, Laurita Siles Ceballos, Roy Caussy, Patrick Staff, Sofia Törnblad, Bronwen Moen, Antoni Wojtyra, Jacqueline Hoang Nguyen, Candice Lin, Denver Lynxleg
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