Untitled - Perfomance in collaboration with Hiroko Tsuchimoto

Carrots, diggers, water, plastic bags

This untitled performance is based on a series of conversations between artist Hiroko Tschimoto and I as part of working with a the group-show, Site Sensitive Acts, which we were both to participate. Our idea was to approach various aspects of physical and metaphysical space in relation to the body, focusing, in particular, on this relationship in Japanese Butoh and in the ritual practice of Western Occultism. We embodied our common thoughts and reflections by engaging in various - subtly connected - activities or actions, either given by, or directed towards the specific site. Our aim was to explore the physical and mental relationship between our bodies and the surrounding environment. The performance took place at the opening of the show.


The images are from a documentation video.


© sofia törnblad and hiroko tsuchimoto
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