Performance, installation in Banff National Park
in collaboration with Tania Ursomarzo och Danielle Greer
2-channel HDV documentation, 12 min
nylon string

Stingship is a collaborative work by the Canadian artists Tania Ursomarzo, Danielle Greer and myself that took place in the Banff National Park in 2010.

The conceptual background of the experimental situation that we set up it the woodlands of Banff, is a part of the novel, by Italo Calvino. The text describes how the inhabitants of a city, by means of tying strings between physical elements, mark different relationships they have with one another. Interested in translating this somewhat ritualistic behaviour to our current situation, the aim was to experimentally approach - not just by tracing but rather embodying - the concepts of kinship- friendship- relationship. As our common trials in the forest grew into an increasingly complex string structure - a physical manifestation of our intentions – the collaborative actions in themselves led to a collective experience of identification with the site and with each other.

This performance and installation is presented as a 2-channel video. Images below; nstallation view at the exhibition Site Sensitive Acts at Galleri Mejan 2011 and documentary photos from the process.

Link to the video

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