Rehearsal for Another Vocabulary // Repetition för En Annan Vokabulär

HD video 16:9
20 min

In early 2012, I was asked to contribute to an experimental performance intervention, Perform Word, which set out to explore a potential performative quality of the spoken word. For this occasion I experimented with a set of basic physical exercises presented in the book, Theatre of The Oppressed, by Augusto Boal. In a situation two participants explores a common action, a wordless situation of a physical interaction, to find out weather the experience could transform into some sort of body-based communication, or be perceived as another vocabulary.

I documented the process with a steady camera, aiming to achieve a possibility for the viewer to follow the subtle changes of the two bodies engaged in the search for a common language. The accumulation of repetitive actions works at the basis of any kind of experiential learning process and has been of importance in several of my works, as well as in this one.


Images below; installation view at Perform Words, Slakthusateljéerna, May 2012 and video still.

©sofia Törnblad
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